• 1) The battle trail

    Piscina Nera – Monterano (Monte Maggiore)

    A walk that follows the ridge south of Badia Tedalda, dividing the Valmarecchia and the Metauro Valley; in June 1944 it was the site of a bitter battle between Germans and partisans.

  • 2) I sentieri didattici

    Badia Tedalda – I Sentieri didattici

    Due percorsi ad anello (il più breve raggiunge la vicina altura di Poggio Masso, l’altro arriva al Sasso di Cocchiola) lungo i quali i visitatori possono trovare sia resti delle fortificazioni, sia postazioni ricostruite, sia appositi panelli esplicativi.

  • 3) Il sentiero H. Brown

    Badia Tedalda – Il sentiero H. Brown

    Il sentiero percorre dal Passo di Montelabreve (Badia Tedalda) alla frazione Montagna, toccando le località di: Montelabreve, Gorgoscura, Torrente Auro, Poggio dell’Oppione, Sbocco di Bucine.

  • 4) Viamaggio e dintorni

    Badia Tedalda – Viamaggio e dintorni


  • 5) Montebotolino

    Rofelle – Montebotolino

    A walk that runs along part of the segment of Gothic Line crossing Badia Tedalda territory; apart from visiting the charming village of Montebotolino, it is possible to view artillery positions, underground bunkers and command posts.

  • 6) Monte Faggiola

    Rofelle – Monte Faggiola

    A walk where a well preserved underground bunker can be seen and, nearby, one of the best viewing points of the whole area.

  • 7) Caprile

    Artillery positions

    A walk that arrives at the remains of two positions used by heavy German artillery; the large gun positioned in one of these posts was used to fire on the Allies along the Tiber valley until mid September.

  • 8) Monte della Zucca

    Valdazze – Monte della Zucca (Monte Castagnolo)

    A walk that leads to the Monte della Zucca ridge where there are quite a few remains of fortifications; for those who continue to Monte Castagnola, there is a look out post at the summit.

NB – Walks from number 8 onwards extend to areas bordering Badia Tedalda.