• 1) The battle trail

    Piscina Nera – Monterano (Monte Maggiore)

    A walk that follows the ridge south of Badia Tedalda, dividing the Valmarecchia and the Metauro Valley; in June 1944 it was the site of a bitter battle between Germans and partisans.

  • 2) Sasso di Cocchiola

    Badia Tedalda – Sasso di Cocchiola

    A walk where it is possible to reach one of the many clusters of fortifications around Badia Tedalda, headquarters of divisional command.

  • 3) Montebotolino

    Rofelle – Montebotolino

    A walk that runs along part of the segment of Gothic Line crossing Badia Tedalda territory; apart from visiting the charming village of Montebotolino, it is possible to view artillery positions, underground bunkers and command posts.

  • 4) Monte Faggiola

    Rofelle – Monte Faggiola

    A walk where a well preserved underground bunker can be seen and, nearby, one of the best viewing points of the whole area.

  • 5) Monte dei Frati

    Poggio La Piazzuola – Monte dei Frati

    A walk climbing to the summit of Monte dei Frati, where one of the most extensive German fortified areas can be found - the nerve point for the defensive apparatus of the Gothic Line in this sector.

  • 6) Monte Verde

    Passo di Viamaggio – Monte Verde (Monte Macchione)

    A walk that snakes along the ridge of Monte Verde, fortified with sniper and machine gun posts controlling the road to the Pass (continue to Monte Macchione, where some very interesting fortifications can be viewed at the summit).

  • 7) Caprile

    Artillery positions

    A walk that arrives at the remains of two positions used by heavy German artillery; the large gun positioned in one of these posts was used to fire on the Allies along the Tiber valley until mid September.

  • 8) Monte della Zucca

    Valdazze – Monte della Zucca (Monte Castagnolo)

    A walk that leads to the Monte della Zucca ridge where there are quite a few remains of fortifications; for those who continue to Monte Castagnola, there is a look out post at the summit.

  • 9) Poggio dell’Aquila

    Valdazze – Poggio dell’Aquila

    A walk leading to the Poggio dell’Aquila ridge, where there are remains of fortifications, including firing positions designed to deter any advance by the Allies along the road climbing to the Viamaggio Pass.

  • 10) Poggio delle Campane

    Cantoniera – Poggio delle Campane

    A walk on the Poggio delle Campane ridges, where numerous remains of trenches and positions can be found.

NB – Walks from number 8 onwards extend to areas bordering Badia Tedalda.